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EADL – European Association for Distance Learning


EALD – European Association for Distance Learning


EADL is an international non-profit-making association which aims to maximise the contribution market-based distance learning can make to enhance the skills and achievements of the people of Europe. The Association was founded in 1985 by the European Council for Education by Correspondence (CEC) and the European Home Study Council (EHSC) as the Association for European Correspondence Schools (AECS) and renamed The European Association for Distance Learning (EADL) in 1999.


The objects of the Association are to:


Promote learning, wherever and however it occurs;


  • Promote the use of all media to facilitate and enhance the learning process, and
  • Increase its geographical and societal spread;
  • Improve the acceptance of distance learning to achieve parity of esteem with other forms of education;
  • Promote research into the methods of distance learning;
  • Promote open discussion of strategy in the business, marketing, and educational aspects of distance learning within an environment in which commercial sensitivities are respected;
  • Share ideas and good practice, and explore projects and partnerships, with trusted colleagues aware of each other’s needs and aspirations;
  • Promote quality and professional and ethical standards in distance learning;
  • Gather and communicate information about new developments in distance learning;
  • Maintain contacts with and co-operate with the European Commission, national government agencies and non-governmental educational organisations and networks, and other bodies directly or indirectly interested in distance learning;
  • Promote and protect the interests of members and learners;
  • Promote the establishment of and co-operation with national councils and associations of distance learning providers, and develop strategic partnerships with them;
  • Do all other things incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects.