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Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

Choose our path of entrepreneurship development in Italy as many young entrepreneurs have already done so well.
Are you ready to boost your entrepreneurship ideas?

What is Entrepreneurship?

“Entrepreneurship is the ability to recognize the bigger picture, find where there’s an opportunity to make someone’s life better, design hypotheses around these opportunities, and continually test your assumptions. It’s experimentation: Some experiments will work; many others will fail. It is not big exits, huge net worth or living a life of glamour. It’s hard work and persistence to leave the world a better place once your time here is done.”
Konrad Billetz, co-founder and co-CEO of Offset Solar

Are you ready to develop your youth entrepreneurship program in Italy?

We are a young entrepreneurs organization and are happy to hosts new young entrepreneurs that decided to start their entrepreneurship development in Italy. We also welcome in our offices aspiring entrepreneurs of any age who have a business vision and a plan in the fields of European and social projects. We are Always ready to welcome and assist participants, ensure training in:

  • European Projects
  • Web Applications
  • Web Marketing e Social Media Marketing

Vincenzo, Antonio and Alessandra will follow you in every step of your journey, in particular we can help you in the following services:

  • Organization of training programs with analysis of individual profiles
  • Individual interviews with students
  • Tutoring, monitoring and final evaluation of various projects assigned
  • Accommodation, supporting you to find accommodation in B&B, families or separate apartments
  • Italian Language courses, Excursions and Programs of social and cultural integration
  • Certifications (European Mobility, Youthpass etc.)
  • Organization transfers from/to an airport


  • You will receive € 900 per month
  • Workplan of 36 hours per week – Monday / Friday
  • Constant monitoring of activities with weekly reports
  • Provision of documents such as the Euro Pass, evaluation of job performance, certificates of participation in training and a letter of recommendation
  • Final report

Are you ready to develop a young entrepreneurs program together?

We are always searching for young entrepreneurs ideas to develop or We can help you to find business ideas for young entrepreneurs. To participate to the Erasmus For Young Entrepreneurs Programme just send us Curriculum Vitae (CV) and a cover letter here three months in advance of the project start. Want to know More? visit: Erasmus+ for Young Entrepreneurs

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