General training course for workers for safety (CN)

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Il Corso è GRATUITO a sostegno dell’iniziativa di Solidarietà Digitale.


Se deciderai di ottenere il certificato, potrà sostenere online il test finale e richiedere la certificazione pagando soltanto le spese vive per il rilascio del certificato. Contattaci per scoprire come.


General training course for workers for safety


Description of the training course for workers for safety

The course intends to comply with the mandatory requirement (Art. 37 T.U. 81/08) for which all workers must receive sufficient and adequate safety training. The new agreement signed during the State Regions Conference on 21 December 2011 defined the training obligation of all workers present within the company organization. The course aims to provide participants with the insights and updates necessary to know the principles of the Prevention and Protection System adopted from the Companies and through which tools and strategies the worker is called to work to preserve the state of safety in the workplace. The course is delivered in e-learning mode for a duration of 4 hours, through the development of the modules, in addition to the time required for the intermediate and final verification.


Regulations of the training course for workers for safety

Pursuant to art. 37 of Legislative Decree no. 81/08 and subsequent amendments, Legislative Decree no. 106/09, State-Regions Agreement, register of acts n. 221 / CSR, of 21.12.2011 and State-Regions Agreement, register of acts n. 128 / CSR, of 7.7.2016.


Fruition procedure

The course is performed online in e-learning mode for the duration of4 hours. The teaching materials used during the course is totally free, in support of the Solidarietà Digitale initiative.
You can download our PDF containing all the specifics and regulations of the course. For any other information, contact us: [email protected]



At the end of the course, after passing the final test, you will get the regular certificate, valid for legal purposes.


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General training course for workers for safety (CN)

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